Living in the “Nowhere”

The nowhere, is a place that does and doesn’t exists. Like most things, it’s in the mind; but it’s lives in every moment of your life. A special kind of void/emptiness exists in the Nowhere. Void is emptiness itself; Nowhere, is full of emptiness. all it’s emptiness stops you in your path, then diverts you, and leads yo to another – “emptiness”. Like the the universe, the emptiness is endless, unlimited, vast and unrestrained. And like the universe, it’s full of chaos, and only chaos. You want it to be more like the universe that has stars, planets and at least one planet with life on it. But Nowhere, resembles a black-hole of sadness, endlessly aware of it’s meaninglessness, and unaware of anything good.

Nowhere’s, emotions and feelings are mixed, confused and static. Anger manifests in sadness, sadness disappears with happiness, and never returns.. Love becomes a non-existent commodity: just like any beautifully formulated lie. I live in the Nowhere. I’m dying in the Nowhere; or more like I’m dying to live “somewhere”. Somewhere beyond the Nowhere; beyond the walls; beyond my mind.


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