Very short and basic lesson in Existentialism

Knowing that I was alone, and no God was here to help or justify my-life (Abandonment), put me into utter Despair, which then made me Anxious over having to claim full responsibility for my life –  how fitting that, Abandonment: (of God); Anxiety (of having to make decisions); and Despair (realizing the way the world is) – are key concepts in existentialism. Ever since I realized Existentialist concepts were already prominent in my life, even before I read about it, I have been reading more, and more into the philosophy. Here is a very brief explanation of some key concepts of Existentialism:

Abandonment: The belief in God has been abandoned; therefore we are infinity free to create our essence by making our own choices.

Anguish (angst) : The state in which realizing that you’re totally free; you have have total responsibility in all the decisions you make, without any prior restraints — this gives us “anxiety”

Despair: Realization of the way the world is, and the unwanted out-comes of our decisions.

Bad Faith: To  make decisions based on societies values; instead of acting authentically.

Absurdism: Looking for inherent meaning and value is absurd, because the universe is irrational and meaningless, and there is too much of the – “unknown”.

Freedom: We are condemned to be free, and whatever decision we make reflects our values and how we think the world should be.


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