Unwanted gratitude

In solitude, steadily moving towards what is not mine: a sense of tranquility. An artificial sense of gratitude steeps through the thought of tranquility, tranquility becomes a symbol of your demise. The feeling of gratitude to what is not wanted; it’s betrayal, that betrayal is present in the tranquility: the tranquility of the – ordinaryThe ordinary is a distinction of your-self from the rest, they’re ordinary, you’re authentic. The meaningless feeling of tranquility they enjoy, cannot be a result of emptiness filled with the necessary elements that gratitude feeds on to manifest. Why you want that tranquility, you just can’t figure. In the end, that tranquility represents all that you hate, but it’s the feeling you admire. Figuring out the reasons behind their tranquil aura is impossible. It’s impossible that their emptiness is filled, filled enough that they do no recognize emptiness – no more. They cannot be happy, they’re empty, they just haven’t realized it, its just not in words, if they truly were “empty-free”, then what are they trying to fill ?


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