The falling sky

It’s not just about me, its about all of us. The real emotions we have are buried deep inside the depths of our personal hell. Too self-conscience to express to others, we express raw emotion collectively in it’s dumbest form. When all our true, natural, emotions are down-played as “silly” or “pathetic; we are called upon to masquerade collective allegiance – to a none-sense. It is then that we feel; the sky does not recognize this out-pour. For it, its unnatural – unnatural enough not to be recognized by the the most natural – the sky. It’s start to fall slowly to close the gap: the gap between our emotions and the sky. One day we will wonder, -when the sky has crushed us into the depths of hell, whilst searching for out true inner-being-why we have no sky and only hell.

Some Background: After watching the march in Paris for the terrible shooting on the Charlie Habero publication, I realized, once again, that that out-pour of emotion already existed deep-down within us, but we only express it when it’s socially acceptable and encouraged.

This march had less to do with the attack and more to do with the worrying rise of European fascism. Every leader that has laid the worse attacks on freedom-of-speech since the Nazis, is marching in Paris to defend “freedom-of-speech”. (I like the Surrealism). Its worrying when our emotions are expressed on this platform; we should express emotion and empathy all the time, we need it more than ever.

Already the British government is trying to push through the previously out-voted snoopers charter law. If we do not confront this disgusting opportunism, then we will find our-selves in hell, with no sky to look up-to.



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