Moving swiftly

Headphones are on — check, looking down and not ahead — check, dark clothing that hides your inner soul — check.

Removed from the past, neglecting the present, dreading the future – I’m moving, moving swiftly enough as to avoid everyone and everything. The Volume in my headphones are high enough to block the pollution of the outside world; my vision is fixed diagonally, avoiding eye contact and collision; the black jeans, Navy-blue t-shirt and black raincoat combine to render me invincible in a city of dark clouds and buildings that block-out the sun. I’m moving swiftly, swiftly at twice the speed of any city- human. Like a squirrel, I dodge the black bin, the moving legs, the old grey lamppost – all in motion, with music in my ears. I’ m living the surreal. The dream and the real combine, form a bond of nightmares. Indeed, I’m a nightmare.

The cage of reality sleeps in depths of darkness, that darkness is the cage that I’m in. The cage has no bars, no guards or wardens; but, escape is near impossible…. it needs no bars. Light, with all it’s strength and speed, does not enter the invincible cage. Still, with the cage, I move swiftly, with its weight crushing my mind, handicapping my body, squeezing my heart – I move; I move faster, more elegantly, like a master. They cannot get me now, they never could.

My light is what I seek, where is it?, I think – moving swiftly, passed through the light, holding my darkness — I escape, like hemorrhage, from the outside, the outside beyond me, the outside that has no place, no seat reserved for I.


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