Chosen Super-power

Friend: If you had the choice, which super-power would you choose ?

Me: The power To-Be-Happy

Friend: Why ?

Me: We wish to become a Super-hero, like the ones who decorate our books, movies and comics, with their Super-natural powers. Their powers, is what we wish for: their ability to fly, be invincible, breathe fire, or extraordinary speed. Is speed needed when we need to slow down; why want invincibility when lack-of-acknowledgement is the root cause of our sadness; asking to fly when the ground is not understood is useless; breathing fire into a world that closely resembles hell –l is just plain sad. Asking for the Super-natural is our escape from the natural. The natural world, with all it’s hell, sadness, cruelty, loneliness, injustice – is where our happiness sleeps. Escaping in the comfortable arm’s of the super-natural drains our search for this happiness. We must seize the chance, in this world of hell, not the chance to be super-natural, but to live and breathe beyond it – to live beyond it, the only Super-power we need,  that no hero can offer, is the power — To-Be-Happy; and the Super-heroes we need are the ones who make this power possible.


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