What is wrong with the world ?

An approachable, all in in-compassing understanding of the world is near impossible– maybe we should not even desire it. The lake will dry, humans will be at war, poverty will be at an all time high, plaques will plaque our bodies, life will become more meaningless than it is– the only reason left to live will be mere survival. Such an apocalyptic scenario may, in fact, take residence in our near future, in the live’s of our children, in our home’s. There are many things to blame, most of them can be pointed at a very few directions: Capitalism, the mainstream culture, religious institutions, patriotism, all keeping themselves together and supporting each other, are but groomed by one unbreakable ‘matter’: Wilful stupidity– not ignorance, stupidity.

Stupidity is a fact of life, but harmless when considering the small day-to-day things in life; devastating, however, for the ‘bigger picture’, which makes day-to-day living possible. What do I mean by this ? When I see a new twitter trend ignated by so called feminists that aim to, apaprently, “enhance women’s right’s”, I do not get enthusiastic over the popularity; I grieve over it: A lack of understanding of issues makes the general populous think it is ‘feminist’ to show your boobs on twitter or to do the next “do not cut your body hair” trend. This stuff is pathetic. Feminism isn’t merely about growing body hair or showing your boobs and asking sick men not to be sexually aroused by– I hope I am not alone in this: Feminism covers a wide spectrum of issues. I cannot bring myself to imagine Simone de Beavouir or Rosa Luxembourg joining in such things. Could you ? What would be better if there was an all in-compassing debate about women’s issues– Oh, I don’t know, how about the capitalist system and how it places women into a certain position in society. Now that is just feminism…

The issue of poverty is resolved only in the minds of people who yearn to feel something, who feel like they need a moment to be inspired or to cry at this ‘random act of kindness’ by a youtuber, who clearly wants nothing more than popularity for his page. Might I ask: When did the solution for poverty mean “flinging a coin to a beggar” (MLK) ? Isn’t private property one of the main causes of poverty and homelessness ? Are we not prolonging the disease instead of curing it ?

Most of this stuff does not go beyond slogans. Asking for peace on a placard never did anything nor does stupid youtube, viral videos that play into this crap. You know who the best people in the world are, the ones that are actually effecting change ? The bigots, racists, murderer cops, war-mongerers and the worst cases of corporate ‘operatives’; without these people, nobody will understand or enter the debate about structural racism, bigotry, the reasons and cost of war and the damaging effects of the corporate system.


One thought on “What is wrong with the world ?

  1. I was reading Kurt Vonnegut’s Galapagos and he attributes the wrong of the world to our over-sized brain, which was a mistake in evolution.

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