What should the religious be really annoyed at: Re-writing, re-thinking religious thought.

A young son of a carpenter woke to a world not so different to ours. He saw the injustice of a one day doomed empire: The Romans. He stood alongside the so called ‘sinners’– he reminded people that they were a symptom of the injustice and not the sin itself. He walked with the prostitutes, the poor and the petty thief, started a revolution and was eventually put on the cross by the Roman empire. For years, the romans could not beat the faith he left behind, so, instead, they incorporated Christianity as the official religion of the roman empire, who went on persecuting other people. Since, christianity, with a few exceptional attempts at revival (see Liberation theology), has been the religion of the empire and not the saviour of the ‘people’.

300 years later, an Arab merchant made his way to medina/mecca, in order to make exchanges, both physical and intellectual. The citizens were poor and this angered mohammed. So, along with the help of abrahamic texts, greek philosophy and fast-east thinking, he laid the foundations of the islamic faith. The man who said “people who falls asleep full while their neighbour is hungry is not one of us,” has now a religion that pays tribute to him and the Islamic faith by building a Hilton hotel facing Kabba– Islamic place of pilgrimage. The so called most islamic nation in the world- Saudia Arabia- is run by a bunch of greedy, rich, oil tycoons, who care nothing for the general public.

Hold on: It is gays, prostitutes and petty thieves that matter. No, no, let’s not pick on the corporate lawyer, who has defended a huge national con, in the supreme court; let’s start on men who lean towards having sex with other men. How can one be a Christian or Muslim and defend the clouded moral perception of the ruling class, while having a go at people that have not effected their faith’ in anyway ? It sounds like a huge contradiction. But, hey, what can you expect from ‘contemporary’ religion other than a huge contradiction.


One thought on “What should the religious be really annoyed at: Re-writing, re-thinking religious thought.

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