Terrorist attack: Why you should not fear.

Taking time out from your daily life to understand some philosophical concepts, you will realise that nothing is sacred and nothing is serious, including your life. Incorporating this way of thinking into your life will turn you into a person without much fear of stuff that is unlikely to happen: Terrorism, for instance. Terrorism is the main constituent of fear these days. A day does not go buy without being coloured with stories of terror attack in various parts of the world, commited by people from all corners of the world. It is understandable that it is feared, but it is not understandable that a specific kind of terorism is feared, when other’s are pushed are aside and even suppported.

When we bomb a specific part of the world, nobody calls it terrorism because, I guess, we are wearing uniform and have strip clubs in our homeland; when a islamic terrorist does it, that is terrorism and it is bad. And there is one simple contradiction that should prevent you from fearing terrorism so much: Your nation does the same– it is contributing to it and you are not doing much to prevent.

There is much we do not prevent that we identify as terrorism: Fracking in the U.K. has given the go ahead, even though it is well been understood that it is harmful to the environment and health. But nobody is doing much to prevent it– same goes for global warming, climate change– not much is being done and some are even denying it. Are these things not as harmful, even worse, in fact, than terrorism ? A terrorist attack in western soil usually kills around 5-30 people– fracking and climate change has killed and will kill millions more. Should we not be afraid of this, pushing laws to prevent the expansion of these two ? I guess not. Why would it ? It doe not support a corporate or state agenda (mainly corporate); it would be against their interests.

Ten things in the US that is more likely to kill you than terrorism: Drunk drivers, heat, Sofa, toddlers, bed pillows, drinking too much, electrocution, brain eating parasites, Obesity and being struck by lighting. However, we do not fear these things in our day-to-day lives. So, we do not justify the use of surveillance systems that track pillows or sofas that might kill us.

The fear of terrorism is by far the most irrational of fears. Remember: Even if you are killed or hurt by terrorism your fear will not be justified.

will kill thou


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