Conservatism and traditional values are not about love, family ties or respect; it is quite the opposite.

The conservative, nuclear family is, apparently, the sole defender of love and strong ties among family members. It is true that traditional values do keep us close together, but which part of us ? and how close ?…And  is it really about love ?

Nobody knows what love means, but we have a good idea: It means to care and nurture someone or something you value. Well, at leas that is how love is shown (not really a love person, so, you know, don’t take my word for it). It is true that a Conservative family will do all of that to the extreme. There is one important aspect of love that they are missing, though: You accept a person for what they are; their ugly points, sexuality, abilities– everything. this is where the conservative families lose: They do the required things to show love, but the conservative, nuclear mentality -approach- prevents ‘true love’.

If a child in such a strict family comes out as gay, the backlash will be one of the typical anger, argument and shaming tactics. Of course, this does not mean all conservative families, but face it: Conservatism demands such a reaction. A child may lean towards travelling around the world, but the conservative dad wants his son to be a lawyer, as he just passed into law school. And, manners, looking well, educated and posh to the outside world is key in conservatism– but this is not love or care; it is ownership and shaping of the human into a thing that is accepted by the admired ideology. Such supposedly strong family ties must be broken in order to strengthen ties on a foundation of concrete and not sand, for a small deviation from the accepted norm often ruins the whole family– or, at least, everything becomes too obviously artificial.

One cannot do but admit that the liberal approach to family life is far more honest, love based, caring, strong and concrete; the family loves each-other honestly. Everyone is aware of the other and they approach each-other accordingly.


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