What the fuck is going on in the Middle-east ?

What is the situation ? I do not know anymore. The children of the west think it is easy as black and white and so the children of the mid-east. We are supposed to think it is easy as “bad guys islamic extremists,” “good guy western liberals–” and visa versa. Still, we do not know who is against who and what anyone is fighting– what is the cause ? Is the US supporting isis; if Israel promotes itself by defining its existence as the only democratic state in mid-east fighting against extremism, then why were isis members treated in Israeli hospitals ? If this is all to de-stablise Assad, why is it that Assad buys oil from Isis ? It is incredible to imagine: Our oil (Europe’s) comes from Isis but is labelled as Israeli oil because, Israel re-packages the oil it purchases from Isis as Israeli oil. Thn you have the other side: Hezbullah supports hamas and so does Iran; however, Iran and hezbullah are fighting a brutal war against Isis, FSA and other groups while Hamas is sympathetic to FSA and even Isis– even though Assad has been a strong supporter of Palestine. Let’s move to Assad: A murderous, crazy loon but much better than his FSA and Islamist opposition– a dilemma on its own. Iran is not that much similar: They are excellent in foreign affairs; terrible in internal affairs– but that is none of our business, except; we are human and do not like seeing anti-regime folk being tortured in cells, raped in their homes and drugs been spread among the public to keep them quiet.
Then there is Turkey: This case of pure Schizophrenia is, without a doubt, the most annoying bunch of the lot. It trains jihadists with American support, blames everyone else for being pro-American, pretends to be in peace negotiations with Kurds, sends death squad, Islamist gangs to kill Kurds, and everyone else; its nationalists beat up people who look Chinese, only because of some made up stories about Uygurs being treated unfairly by the Chinese government. Good God.
The US: By far the most brutal, annoying, arrogant, obnoxious empire in the world; 90% of the problems are caused by this nation, without a doubt– or each problem has an American hand all over it. They’ve been known to support Isis, yet they are democrats who are going to save us from them, even though the american track record on human right’s is worse than George Bush’s Record on creating coherent sentences.
England: When did you become the nation that does whatever the US tells them to do ? Where is the British “Fuck you” ? But you are not all innocent; obviously you have your interests.
We really need a new smartphone app to update us on who is against who and for what reason….
What about us, humans: Well, we are either racist, ill-informed or amnesiacs: Pick one, but you are probably al three. We have not given up our prejudices and stupidity. We are getting dumber by the moment. I mean, I read stupid, racist pieces from the passed but they still were not stupid people writing them– our good guys today are dumber. We need to get the idea that our enemies hold the same value system: To rule, to prosper to conquer. We do not need flower throwing, crazy hippies, who are part of the problem; we need militant leftists, anarchists, democrats, children of the enlightenment to get together and organise and stop with the stupid tribalism of identity politics.
Stop ignoring the connection between war, poverty and power. They are all linked. War is a great tool to get what you want and suppress your own population– like what Cameron and co are doing with the new security measures.
Muslims: Your enemies are not gays, trans people, women, socialists or anyone else; westerns: your enemies are not Muslims or socialists or gays– Your enemies are the state, power, injustice and greed– if you insist on creating enemies out of identities, then you are my enemy.


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