I will not cry when you and I are bleeding.

There’s that thing in Criminal law/psychology: A man – it is usually a man – or a woman is let free from charges when insanity is proved. Although in this case we do not know who the insane ones are, bombing Syria – officially an insanity in itself – will explode into small pieces of insanity that will spread across – just like in Paris – into the streets of Europe, killing the European population.

For you people who have been sleeping for the last 10 years, you are about to see an text book illustration of how bombing the hell out of a people will turn into so called terrorism.

Cameron – the man dumber than a potato; looks like a carrot; acts like pig – said of the Russian strikes in Syria that “[it would create more terrorism and radicalism]” – I am paraphrasing because I do not like the idiot enough to quote him directly. But now – surprise !- we, the ones who oppose the British bombs in Syria, are “terrorists [lovers]” (he said “Sympathisers,” but I will not quote him.

The vote with the leadership of Cameron has cast itself in favour of bombing Syria …

Following this atrocious attack on Aristotle’s invention – logic – means that British bombs give out this scent that makes people feel cute about the bombings as opposed to the Russian bombs that smell like vodka. Yes, the logic is as dumb as the one I described above.

We destroyed that place. We directly and in-directly supported the growth of isis. We are allied with dictators. We do not do anything about the system and go about our day. We are now attempting to bomb it.

So, when we die with bullets of some guy who is screaming “Allah u Akbar”, we will NOT be innocent civilians but complicit in murder that has merely blown back at us.

Just like a tortured soul’s torturer is blamed for the mass shooting the insane commit, we are to blame for what is to come. And if I bleed, do not cry for me !


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