Randomly kind; Walking Dead.

There is a sinful past; a future that reminds us of our constant failure to propose what we are all afraid of: Real peace – within and external. It is not the present that we live; of course, it shall be pathetic for one to suppose only living in the ‘now’. One must – will concern itself with a future: Supposedly informed by the past – supposedly.
The notion of progress is a form of hellish Faux paus that has abandoned all its original meaning. Progress – or lack thereof – is not the ‘dream job’ of an innocently ambitious cretin from the Urban rubbish dump but an approach to a forward-visioned, constant pause to reflect where mankind is heading (originally).
The future we, the progress whom we so well believe we have imagined is ridden with the graciousness of a new fool:Apocalypticism. We either progress as individuals or we die as a whole – never can we accept the possibility of examining the dark corners of our own existence and our context in the symbolic world and, good god, changing for the betterment of us all.
No. Let’s stick to the ridiculous claim of doing ‘amazing’ things by opening up new, high tech trendy businesses; the homeless ? Is it not so cute that we make random acts of kindness videos to prove how nice we are ? “true compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar: it comes to see that the [system] that produced beggers needs restructuring,’ Said Martin Luther King, in the River-side Church in New York.
It is idiotically insane to propose that these individual acts shall change a thing, other than being a nice slaver owner – which is counter-productive to the cause of equality and progress.
If the rhythm of life, the music electrified in our headphones hinders the possibility of a creative vision of the future that does not include a plan for an alien invasion, we must play new music – we must assume we are not human but monsters aiming to become human. let the new future remind us of the guilt of the past, the cleansed present and the not-yet, void of all supposed charity that only makes things worse.
The only aliens we should worry about is us.


3 thoughts on “Randomly kind; Walking Dead.

  1. These are the roots we should be digging to. So easy it could be…. Love this article and hope it helps awaken!

  2. Great article! I was just mentioning something similar the other day in regards to the random acts of empty narcissistic kindness.
    All the time now you see people posting online about their condolences to others, with no real intention beyond showing others that they deserve credit for outward kindness. A “look at me, .such a good person offering my sympathy. I care so much.” But people rarely do this behind closed doors.
    I find in humerous in that sense when people die then receive hundreds of long Facebook messages reminiscing their memories. Who is that really for? Narcissistis. Haha

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