Retiring from Activism.

35 years ago, my uncles were taken by the Turkish authorities; Tortured day and night for a few weeks, then they were let go – all of this just for being leftists.

Today, most of them own businesses and are doing pretty well, which is fine.

The Turkish state has gotten worse; the people are dumber; religious conservatism has taken grip of the country; and the nationalists are as idiotic as ever.

The repetition of this same shit is just getting annoying.

It is the same everywhere: In England, the government is acting out Thatcher’s wet dream, not that Thatcher knew anything to even have such a complicated dream, but we can standardise our understanding of that ruthless, short excuse of a sub-human.

The poor are suffering; the disabled are committing suicide; veterans are homeless; and the system’s richest – its designers are as rich as ever. Our most radical horizon – Owen Jones are Corbyn – are (sorry for the sexist term) pussies.

Owen Jones is nothing but a hipster liberal who has Middle-Eastern boyfriends to look as liberal as possible: His accessory for the year.

The public is more prepared for a zombie invasion than they are for climate change.

So called independent newspapers, like the independent and the Guardian, take the side of the strong when shit is hitting the fan and, when the fan stops and the strong has won, they pretend to criticise all that that happened – see the Scottish vote and the recent climate summit as an example.

The government covers up pedophiles; the home office seems to lose files in their hundreds when such cases pop up; Isis accounts are traced back to government ip addresses; they lie about statistics; easily cover things up: The people simply do not care.

An idiot on LBC last night complained how some Polish people were taking “British jobs” and they should not be given benefits until six months after their arrival. And this idiot never mentioned – supposing he is a racist – foreign companies that do not pay tax, treat workers like shit and pay them peanuts – who, on top of all that, take government grants.

I took another stroll down Stoke Newington and saw the disgustingness of how the local people were suffering and the damn hipsters profiting off their culture. It is insanely upsetting – Disgusting.

I went on a few dates – a tour down London – two on the same night and I felt like I was in an job interview: “Where do you see yourself in five years,” said a pretty blonde, half closing her big blue eyes.

“I do not know; who cares ?,” I replied.

Everything is about money, status and future – all of this in this off putting, pathetic culture that contains lowest form of so called art, which is nothing but an existential purge all that is idiotic.

Nobody cares. Nobody.

Today, MR. Idiot (Ian Duncan Smith) told poor people to work harder – the man who sits around getting drunk all day. What do the people care ? Nothing ! Nothing.

They would rather “help out a homeless guy and record it” to get youtube views, and gain from the emotional con-job.

Do they have the selfless act of kindness of chaining themselves to fences until homeless people are given a home; do all they can to get the government out ? No!

They say they care about their kids and the future of humans – and how they love humans. No. Why not do something about climate change ? “Naw man; blad, that is government made up illuminati shit”.

The above is the kind of shit that I have to deal with.

The torture of 35 years ago that my family endured, leads up to something interesting for me: Retirement. I am tired and less empathetic to the victims of what is to come – Not the usual victims: The middle-class that pretend to help them. The whole thing will collapse and we will all sink with it.

Oh, and the oppressed people of the mid-east (Especially  some Kurds) Some of you whom have an obsession to become like the Western States and seek help from them: You are retarded. I shall not explain why !

Where will I be in Five years ? I do not know: But I will not be in a cell being tortured by cops, and having some idiot call me “a traitor” on LBC, while the dumbarse host agrees.

Let the pedophiles, murderers, forgers, capitalists, arms dealers, drug barons get away with everything: I will be a spectator. Good night and fuck you. My opinion is all I have – but I will not lift a finger for anyone, any-longer

Wanna get fucked ? Fine, go ahead… (I have not even bothered enough with this article)


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