Moving forward in life

There is a certain… reliance to not properly congratulate the past for its reflection into the future. The future of then – that is the present – blinds the momentum with its moments of grace, love, joy, euphoria and, for some, its bearable, often exciting, melancholy.

But are we to keep on moving forward without a step back, as it is often repeated. A step back, side ways or maybe a step in the right direct – maybe not. Honestly, there is no forward, time is not linear and neither are we.

We think of things as moving forward or backward – there is, understandably, a danger in this straight-line approach to time and existence: It assumes there is a forward to go to.

Yes, losing weight and gaining muscle is a step-forward; but it is not, really. Not only are such trivial things lower than a phrase in an irrelevant footnote, they are destructive in the importance that is given to such things and its link with the notion of ‘progress’.

Career, job, education, certificates, body, new language; not bad at all, in itself. Though, it is instructive to instruct one to assume those as an add-on – update for our existence, a mere perfect decision to apply a new standard to what it means to just be.

The problem is, progress of us all and the progress of the micro-individual is put together, in one jester, as if we were beneficiaries of ‘progress’ as a whole: The naturalised elite of – any form: Class, political, military – only gain from the progress of us ‘all’, significantly.

The progress, added so gracefully, is not a move forward, as much as having the technology to wipe out sea life is not a move forward.

So, yes, move forward; but do not wipe out the sea life – only for the lust of focus on the immediately admirable in this very low times. PS; leave the fear of enjoying the not yet in the ditch where it belongs.


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