Dunkirk and Calais’ humans

It surely be reminded to the dead brain, death ears: The refugees in Calais and Dunkirk are… Human, just like what you claim to be.

In 1944, the Nazis were fooled by allies who placed blow up tanks, planes, soldiers and ships on British shores facing Calais, prompting German intelligence to assume an invasion through Calais was imminent. Well, that never came to pass – Allies virtually weakened the German defences in beaches they actually landed on, except for Omaha beach, where Americans suffered horrendous loses.

Now, it seems,    our    government    is fooling the world by allowing refugees to be treated less than human while pretending to be ‘too benevolent’ during the advertisement charades it inflicts on to the rest of the world – state visits, blah, blah.

Mr. Corbyn, spearhead of the Labour party, spoke with a hint of Melancholy during his visit to one of the infamous refugee camps on Calais, Normandy. Speaking under the superficial noise of the violin played by one of the inhabitants of Creme de le… mess, he called upon the useless bickering in Parliament, D.Cameron, to “hold a hand out for humanity,” which is like calling on England to win the world cup -thus impossible, but we should digress.

Our place is not in Corbyn’s words but in the plight of the refugees, for it is not and has never been a Corbyn or left thing to care for those fleeing destruction: A creature thing to do, really.

When our fellow human-beings are suffering from war – war we are largely responsible for – what choice do we have other than helping ? I mean, where is the plan…Do we let them die – and lay there, like the martyred ally soldiers of ww2 did while they left personnel carriers and into hell, running towards bullets ?

Also, what happened to the Church… Has God suddenly decided that refugees are not of his creation, that they cannot be helped and their suffering is part of his plan – I guess attacking abortion clinics are far more important. The pro-life, God’s children  destroys itself; “we are pro-life, God loves you, unless you are poor, a refugee, sick, a woman, Gay, or someone who said something half critical of the church.”

We should really de-capitalize the G in God…

In the mean-time, lost in the midst idiocy’s destructive fire power, while the idiot – the contemporary representation of a Briton – dwells in the uselessnesses of their own existence that projects itself through hatred of others less-privileged than he or she, and while the rest pretend to be civilised, I will be placing blow up dolls on Dover’s shores, for someone needs to pretend humans live here; but, one day, the world will be fooled enough to recognise our diminishing  hearts. Without a heart, you are not living. The whole country is in cardiac arrest, we need an adrenaline injection.


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