Veg a -political -N

An influencial existence in the mind of solitary vegan is, in a case so reminicent of her, his ancestors’ Pie and mash, pub gestures, notions- “Fuck it, mate, we will not save the world, I tell ya” – is devoid of reasoning and an acknowledgement of the wider totality. A few pints and a meat fuelled causality dish can cause such suffocating brain damage for one long enough to accept the masochinism of almost wishing for ‘more‘ of that oppression  – you would think. However the vegan is not free from the oppression that is far removed from only the appetite of the carnivoresess nature of the contemporary diet.

The vegan is aware of the injustice; but cognitively blocks the idea of wishing for a system of pure iradicated opression, repression of the animal – in fact, human species. For them, life is about making that change from consuming vegan products… Done, change. The required tools, mechanism still exist in the realm of the vegan’ mind, and its symbolic counter part in the real world is left un-touched.

The Veggie concludes holistic approach to life, thinking their mind has achieved anything; the malaise of existence is remedied with this foolishness: This makes it a dangerous approach to become vegan in an a-political way; One can easily fall back into being part of the current that infuses the modern diet: Burgers ect. For they include a possibility to redeem oneself from just being a passive consumerist, only in illusion, of course.

One can choose to love ‘animals’ ect., without the Veg conviction of invading the space in the mind occupied by the confines of the symbolic – what we call ‘reality’ – the capitalist – state subsidised capitalist, militarist, anti -democractic system.

In the current state of things, oppression is not removed: It shifts from one to another. Vegan markets are encroached by the powerful existence of desire for power in the realm of the illusionist world of the “upper-class” – “self-made” class of capitalism, which causes the concern so vivid in the vegan’ speech.

Even big charities are silent about certain things; it is well understood that this silence comes from the terrible power of capitalism. So, when the most radical of “Vegan” approaches insists the state “should do more to tackle industry’ influence” is nothing more than a cretin, kidding themselves – The state is the industry.

One would be called stupid to insist a criminal lawyer should just give away his client, willy nilly. Same goes for the voice of the suffering vegan. Run after the current state of things, not a  negligent reparisal of the same thing.



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