The Myth: Clash of Civilisations

Identity politics; a marvel of post-modern stupidity, recollections of the never-existed. Today, I wrote an article about a young girl; her father, a Muslim Palestinian, instilled in her what she calls ‘Islamic’ values. Her my mother, a white woman, is, apparently, a little more liberal.

Her piece is on the struggle between the two, a notion that is non-existent. The ‘clash’, the idea of it, stems from largely September 11th – an event that supposedly ‘changed the world’, which it did not, and it is kind of racist and idiotic to think so: Far worse things did not change the world for the Western and Eastern elites, so why should a small mis-hap between two fringes change anything for everyone ? I doubt a Japanese person saw any change in his or her life following the event. I digress.

Having made the claim, I will go further: The notion is purely political. If we were all hegemonous in our so called beliefs, then why are so called liberal states supported, funding, establishing so called Islamic ones… Are we not supposed to be a reflection of the states we live in, if this split in identity is supposedly ‘truth’?

The truth is: We are all ‘Trans’. Our identities move and flow through history, time and hap and stance. Islamic culture, a notion far forgotten, was heavily influenced by ancient Greeks; in fact, without it, we would not be holding on to the works of Aristotle, Socrates, Hippocrates, Plato and others, for the Islamic culture translated, argued, enhanced, merged the works, keeping them alive.

Moving on: The andursian empire – and its ‘prophets’ (Philosophers, writers, thinkers ect.) Influenced the Western world through the colonisation of Spain.

The Reverse: Western culture, philosophy, commerce and politics has a strong hold on today’s so called ‘Islamic world’; As I’ve stated, Conservative, Islamic presence in the region is merely a by-product of Western policy and imperialism. This is clear, we need only a cursory look into the past.

That is the geo-political side, which is the most influential in today’s identity-formation.

To pick between two, three or four – or thousand – different identities is an exercise in futility and what Sartre called ‘bad faith’. I agree, it is bad and it is faith.

Our live’s are extra-ordinarily different; like most philosophers pointed out, the current in Liberal, mainstream culture is, not only not ‘liberal’, but just the reflection of the capitalist system – with complexities, of course.

More importantly, our lives’, being vastly different, have different consequences and anxieties attached to it. One cannot, in bad faith, take advice from those who are not, do not understand or do not want to think primarily of your situation. What does the Quran have to say about a young, aspiring writer (the girl in my article) who reached pregnancy at the dire age of 16, in 2016, in the capitalist system, within the realm of BS identity politics ? I doubt anything. Maybe a set of words will inspire something different as such. As for the liberal approach, so called, it is an approach that has its own issues with dogmatism and reliance on outside, futile interpretations.

Only we make our choices, nobody has the ability to do so. And to pretend to be stuck between two identical ideas of life is an exercise in bad-faith, and politically idiotic.



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