Amsterdam: Part two

I was supposed to leave in Thursday. But I did not. Amsterdam was too good, and “it must be better on weekends,” I thought. I was correct.

Thursday was a decent day for me. After Ralf left, I went out on a quest to get more of my pills, paroxitine (paxil). I would run-out of them if I stayed a day longer.

Near the Anne-Franke Houis, across the other side of the canal, exists a very pretty neighbourhood. The streets are narrow and benches are placed in front of almost al buildings. “Anyone can sit on this bench,” said one of ’em. Right near that bench, is where I get my prescription, an expat doctor.

It took me over thirty mins to get the NHS to send an email copy of my EU health-card: Wrong numbers, bad service and idiotic staff, almost a hallmark of all institutions. I digress. A cute young girl approached me: “Hello, I am an intern and was wondering if it is ok for me to observe your session with the GP.” “Of course”.

The GP questioned me quite a bit, rightfully. Paxil is not a drug to be given out lightly.”I just cannot wait another three days and suffer Sarotnin withdrawal symptoms,” I said.

I was given my prescription…


That night, along with NSFW, was a quite one, if the least is to be said. The ‘cool-kids’ in the hostel were kind enough to give me a place within their circle. We did all the Amsterdam stuff, chilled and I went to bed a little early.

Friday is king

Man. It began with us, me and my friend Walter, not Walter White, looking for a place to stay, a new hotel, for WOW was fully booked. We found a shitty place in the centre and booked it straight away. The two of us had to be close to the centrum and its bars.

Following a meal, we went on our night out at 11pm. The night was great. NSFW. I do not intend to write much more. The next night was also great. NSFW. I fail in wanting to continue on with producing text about that.

But I did get through the customs with that piece of paper that read, “this is not a valid travel document”. I guess I was not travelling, not technically.



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