Driving into the abyss

Mental health… an issue within the borders of the dreaded U.K. Nobody immune to it, the crisis- an existential one – in England’s mental health can be put into one simple sentence: The state of the nation and its owners.

I was born in Hackney, East-London, only to be brought up in N.London. I have seen the way in which the city has “changed”. For the better ? No. Maybe for the Russian oligarchs or the ‘new money’ idiots from all over the world – the old English aristocrats, too.

See: The level of butthurt among these people when the British working-class fought for a say in their live’s and won the right was intense. Ever since the disgusting, horrific Thatcher years, we have seen a decline in everything; society, community, wealth, social progress, justice and law. And have managed to convince the idiot class, 90% of Britain, that they are “good people”.

The butthurt turned into a menacing, psychopathic attack on the general population. However, the failures of this pathetic class – also their crimes – are swept under… under the fucking underground…

Let me give you an example: The idiotic son of Thatcher attempted, with the support of British financiers, to overthrow the government of equatorial Guinea in a Coup d’tat, only to sell out his friends after they were caught with illegal guns. This pig also deals illegal weapons in various places around the world. Now, what does this have to do with the state of the nation and mental health ?

Putting aside the fact all Thatcherites are fucking nut-cases, they are perceived to be the highest point of civilisation. “Be successful, man,” said the discarded, cafeteria hippie. The douchebagery of the Regean, Thatcher and so called Neo-liberal yuppistas, blasted any attempt to have a civilised opposition to their un-civilised ideas. These priks, like Thatcher’s son, get away with anything, even murder and rape (See the chid abuse cases among the higher echelons of British society). And thus created a society of almost slavery but certainly serfdom. Alas, putting psychopathy first “trickles down” from all areas of the top to the bottom – media love for riches; constant wars; increasing poverty… meaninglessness. Basically: Be successful and you can get your own coup d’tat, too. But… he failed at that too. Never-mind.

Success in the realm of money is the motto of this generation. You are nothing without money, a nobody. Nobody will listen to you; and everyone has the nerve to call opposers a whole bunch of names: Traitor (you mean like when the royal family supported the nazis ?),  jealous (? come on ! lol.) – or, my all time favourite, “cultural marxist”. If an average citizen of this stupid nation was to utter such obscene ideas in a different context, they would be put into the mental institution – they should. However, Rat-bags like D.Cameron and criminals like G.Osbourne are respected and loved by many, especially the psychiatric unit. And Thatcher’s son is hailed as a decent business man. The nerve of these pussies…

A nation that bows in front of such obvious schizophrenia; it should not come as an earthquake-like shock when so many citizens of such a nation suffer from psychosis-linked mental health issues. Almost everyone is depressed, suffering from anxiety – or has some major issue. They just want to be like the psychopaths but they cannot – causing an immense struggle, existentially. When one attempts to stable the mind into calmness and nothingness, the mother, boyfriend, father, girlfriend, boss, colleaque – reminds them of a sad truth: Succeed and don’t be a loser.

Succeed in what ? Like a coup attempt, maybe ? No. Success and admiration within the realm of today’s society is not worth the stress, the hassle or a split moment of conversation with the conventional mind. These priks – yuppies – are failures at everything; life, community and society – and, now, we see an attempt to derail the live’s all “sub-human” people – me and you. We are subs. Our jobs are to be content with a service job that barely pays for a small room in the East-End of London, a place where rich – white people from outside London have socially cleansed the locals and vomited their racism into the inner-depths of its streets. Worst of all, like they are masters at it: They have made sure that the city as a whole no longer has a spirit. Everything is commercial: Everything has “Drink your wayyyyy over-priced that the way-under paid barista has served for you and fuck off – we do not have time for conversations here. Alternatively, bring your friends here so you can talk about future business ideas; you know, squad goals,” written all over it. Believe it or not: The average person suffers the losses of the system while the gains and honey is given to the top. See the bank bailouts. Of course you would become mentally ill – all your struggle has nothing written all over it when it is taken away from you like that.

Side Note: Working for near to nothing with no access to the future while the rich whore, who’s father probably ordered the death of activists in his plant in Latin America, get’s the top job – that should be enough to cause a mental crisis – a collective one.

Keep on stressing yourself and others over what the mass-murderers, thieves, rapists that run your society have told you stress about. Oh yh: Be afraid of isis… and the monster under your bed – because, quite frankly, your apathy and stupidity has ultimately lead to your demise and a fear of being hurt by whatever monster is out to get you.

Just a note: Please, leave me alone on public transport or other public places. I am ok with listening to music and books. Your bullshit is something I am really immune to.

Have a great psychosis induced bi-polar disorder.

And the idiots who want “a safe space”: Go fuck yourselves.


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