Stick your positive thinking up your arse

I am yet to come across a gentrified, socially-clensed area where its white, middle-class citizens have the decency to not tell people to be positive. I am well aware; the mental disorder of positive thinking, law of attraction and being from Oxford are an integral part of the gentrification process. How else can one convince those convinced that they are good people, that socially cleansing an area, only to culturally appropriate white, black, Jewish, Mediterranean working-class culture and turn it into bullshit corner cafe… is not, de facto, a human rights violation.

Regardless; I am sick of rich “trouser stains” (George Carlin, 1999) telling poor people to be positive.

I am a media and cultural studies with sociology graduate; fluent in Turkish and English, reading, writing, speaking – and hand gestures (lol). I have extensive experience in retail, customer service, journalism, writing, translation, promotion, marketing and some experience fundraising. Now, I am vigorously interviewed, asked the same questions over and over and over again by a bullshit, almost fascist company like That is one example. Even though 1000s of employers have come across my CV, I am yet to come across one decent position on offer; rejection has become my best friend.

Now, how dare these idiots tell me to just think positively ? Excuse me, you are part    of    the    system    that    makes people poor, that reduces us to isolated online applications all day, volunteer positions with no real outcomes, shitty wages and being thrown out of homes – and you dare tell me to be positive ? I will be positive when I see your fucking arse back to Oxford – and when the exiled poor are put back into your yuppie apartments, returning the real human spirit it once had.

I, personally, am incredibly poor – luckily, though, my family and immediate relatives are not. So, I do not starve to death – not yet. But I am about to. Then they wonder why people just commit suicide… Not an option for me.

I have this decent position coming up, hopefully I will be getting it – figures crossed. Note: Decent refers to enough to rent a shitty room and have enough food not to starve. Sorry for abusing the beloved English lingo by calling this ‘decent’.

Be ‘realistic’ and see the abuse around you. Thinking positively is the most terrible, cynical thing you can do to yourself and your fellow human beings. You and I do not live in a space annexed from the the realities of the current state of things; Love the world with all its horrors and lack of decency.


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