Sanity of Dark Music

“Hello, Hello,” – Adele. Certainly, her music may sound great for the public at large. Not for me. The inventors of music hardly indulged in the packaging of emotions and feelings.

Lana Del Rey is far from an anti-establishment ‘artist’. Needless to say, moments of nihilism, existential malaise and an indulgence in nothingness is never absent in her work.

Take Born to die, her hit soundtrack: The song repeats the obvious fact of our mortality, but it does not dwell on its malaise; instead, reminds us of the futility of all that exists, including ourselves, bodies and achievements. A certain degree of detachment exists – never can one propose this to be partly due to    the    negativity     surrounding      her work.

I am arguing this: She is an inventor of a certain kind of music, a sound. Adele has a great voice but sub-standard music – never did I ever trust musicians with single names: Bono, Sting… Adele.

Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix and Lana Del Rey, for me, are inventors. And, might I squeeze, she represents great appreciation and gratitude for black music – the sounds are combined with the existential reality of one outside the norm, perhaps the noise of a pampered Aristocrat.

Why would I waste time writing such a piece or even compare the two artists… No reason. All is futile. Nothingness is the ultimate reality. Nothingness is what we ultimately are. We were “Born to die”, so let’s “Ride” into the world of “Gods and monsters”, for we must avoid the “Ultra-violence” of pretending all is good… let’s remain “Young and Beautiful”.

Whatever init !


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