Collective Schizophrenia: The norm and the outsider.

I don’t if this is deluze, as I have not read him much: I think schizophrenics outside the norm only suffer because their schizophrenia is not accepted as a set of logical ideas, thoughts or actions.
Take a traditional Briton (or American): He is afraid that a disorganised, non centrealised group – Muslims – are out to get him and destroy his culture.
He believes it so much so that he commits acts of violence and rants.
Furthermore, his violence and paranoia is shared by the constant affirmation of the state; drones, invasions and even repression on its own soil.
If an everyday schizophrenic had everyone believe the same as he did, he would be relieved from its concequences and live as if his life was normal, as the state, society, media and community would have committed the ‘acts’ and affirmation for him.
If the media and community believed the same as he did – the cia is out to get him and everyone-else – he would be classified as normal, just and logical.
but isn’t believing that muslims are going to destroy you and your culture worse than believing that a centralised power, who’s job is to intimidate, often torture and sometimes kill – an intelligence service – is out to get you ?
Muslims are not a special group of people, whom attend regular, covert meetings, that are aimed to oppress another group. They are just everyday citizens, with grievances among them, of course- like us all.
The intelligence services are specialised, centralised groups.
Nevertheless, if you have no evidence or witnesses of state harrasment, and if you are not some kind of radical organiser, the belief they are after you is incredibly delusionsal, alas, schizophrenic.
Having said that, living in the country of the intelligence service that provides the dirty work of the state, media and capitalism, yet still indulge in the idea that a non-native, scattered group are out to destroy your culture and people, is worse.
The only difference: The “CIA is after me” schizo is outside the system, one way or another. Albeit comes across “crazier”.
So, is it safe to claim: A significant portion of the populus is indulged in normalised schizophrenia ?
Sidenote: “Schizophrenics” are actually less violent than the general population; I do not want to feed the nonsense that they are some kind of psychopath killers.


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