Movie Review: Victoria

As far as crime movies and fiction goes, one may assume, gently, that Hollywood and other movie circles have run out of ideas. How many of the same scenes, actors and characters must we see time and time again..?

Victoria gives its audience a breathe of Fresh air. A young girl, working at a Berlin cafe – yes, the hipster one – for four Euros an hour. One early morning, four young boys, in their early 20s, cross her path; the kind that your mother keeps telling you to stay away from.

The minutes move on and Victoria begins to really enjoy time with these young German lads. She is from Madrid, and can only speak English with ’em. Sonne, one of the gang, can communicate well in English, better than the other three; naturally, the two get closer as the minutes go on.


It is appropriate to only stick to minutes or, if pushing it, hours: The camera follows Victoria around – the movie consists solely of one shot – one full scene worth 138 mins – the whole movie is one scene, taking away the privilege of only scarcely watching it.

Director Sebastian Schipper’s heist drama experiment begins in Berlin, April 17th 2014, 04.30am, coming to a close at 7.00am. Uncanny to its Genre, you will breath, feel and do with the protagonist, Victoria. Her two and a half hours of joy, playfulness, anger, sadness and abandonment can give you bi-polar like mood swings.

Whatever is said beyond this is mere spoiler. I present this scene – this movie as something you and your friends should not have second thoughts about; quit scrolling through the list of “top indie movies of 2000s” and leverage your time with this interesting work of art: a   must   watch – post haste !



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