The un-satisfactory answers to life

An occasional screw face: “hey, there are starving kids out there in Africa, be happy with what you have”. So, the kids that this system starved to death is telling us we must do and work so that we do not starve to death, do not end-up on the streets, talking to ourselves, while the apathetic citizens are accepting anti-homeless people laws and regulation ?

Perhaps these people should learn to take their heads out the sand. Why is it that we never say: “There are rich people, flying gold-plated private jets with our money and our blood and sweat?” Can the same notion not work for its counter-part ? and Why not ?

The first world is the first world. Enormous economic growth, but a decaying, depressed and poor population to match. Why do comparisons have the be with nations our ruling-classes use as a toilet ?

My heart goes out to starving kids, but my abilities, finances – largely finances – are not capable of leveraging some kind of attack on the poverty that caused it – the cause: Your apathy, your state, your nationalism, your ruling-class. But no need to worry about the future – it is fucked up, a downward spiral into absolute nothing, filled with nonsense and anti-intellectualism.

A certain fact exists: A man – or woman – working his/her arse off 40 hours a week, even if the pay is good, is getting nowhere – doing nothing. The 40 grand a year worker, white collar, probably lives near the city; expensive travel, rent and living costs begin taking a toll. In London, for instance, to rent a studio near the city begins, if you are lucky, at 1400 pounds Sterlin; travel will cost at least, assuming the worker stays close to his/her place of work, 10 pounds a day, bringing the total to 1600 a month. A meal in a low key restaurant – cafe – will cost at least 10 pounds per day. 1800. Suppose you eat cheap and only spend 200 pounds a month on food. 2000. Gym Membership: 50. Coffee: 50 (it is actually much more). 2100. Night out on the weekend costs at least 50 guid – at least.Suppose you went out twice a month: 100. Bringing the total to 2200. Now, a person who is paid 40,000 a year is left with £2,530 a month, leaving the poor fella – or lass – with £330 in savings per month. But we still have not mentioned clothing, cleaning equipment, hidden costs, dates… This money will come to nothing. Nothing. Even if you could save 500 per month, what can one leverage that money into ?

Sadly, most young people do not earn that kind of money, and a large majority of 20-30 year olds stay at home, doing a job they do not like…

Stop dreaming and earn the best of dreams

It is our perfect opportunity to reject all notions of meditation, keeping the mind calm while your mind and body suffer, the constant re-inforcement of a positive outlook into an  stubbornly increasing bleakness of the future, and re-invent ourselves into living simply and actually doing what we love.

Things have become so bad for most of us that shelter and food is our objective, every hour and minute that we live. Why not throw the shit away, quit that insanely oppressive finance job – pick up your pens, canvases, get a low responsibility job, move to a cheap European town, live simply; simply live and mock the very system that refuses you a future…Because right now, we are not even going to earn the prize of dying: We will not have lived.

In the most bleakest, un-free, authoritarian, stupid of times, freedom is at its most possible and sweet.

Tell the African child that all this will be over soon…

Vive l’anarchie


3 thoughts on “The un-satisfactory answers to life

  1. I really loved your blog…
    That’s something what we all face… Where we live doesn’t matter…and this type of answers gotaa be stopped by our generation so that the one following us does not suffer.
    Keep blogging😊

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