Our Dying creativity

The ultimate nature of reality – being: The void – is why we have the ability to interact. If some-thing had been created for humans to indulged, no mechanism or space would exist to interact through our creation; language itself is an artistic creation, a human one: Good writers express that as such that they ore others with a quality, creative use of the artistic existence of language.

The lack of or complete abolishment of social-interaction causes depression, loneliness (proven to be the biggest killer in the world) and an in-ability to live or even want to. Capitalism is the zero point of this – it is the reversal of creative human thought or act. For example: The murals created by “artists” in gentrified areas (consider gentrification to be the ultimate form of late capitalism) lack the free creative impulse that creates to create conversation and originality. A casual stroll through such areas will inform one of the lack of creative reality. An artist is hired to draw a picture – not art – to commemorate, market and justify the horrors of late capitalism. If you want to, as a rich person or business, destroy the homes of locals and build expensive homes, hire an “artist” to graffiti a picture of superman on the actual building.

So, the “art” becomes another technical form of small talk among peers. “What do you do?”. “Oh, I do art for a property developer.” Well, mate, I clean their offices or what not.

Our interactions and conversation become commercialized, and we feed each-other the same nonsense, continuously, for the self-interest of a few. A lonely artist who creates with self-expression will struggle to make it through the large electric fences of late capitalism. Even if he/she does, the art will become a product and sold. We are unable to create anything that cannot be sold but shared. Some-body, somewhere will profit from it and privatize, copy-right it.

Furthermore, the increased working hours and over-working has contributed immensely to our inability to allocate time. When we do, we are too tired or too occupied with our own survival that our mind obsesses over a few things. Thus, why we are lonely and the conversations do not hit the spot. We are destroying not only what was create in the past, but the ability to create. It will be the root of our ultimate destruction. Without creation, creativity, all stemming from the void, we will die out.

An artist with no money is the ultimate revolutionary.


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