Jo Cox: Hope, not Hate.

Conversing with a few friends during the last few weeks, I told them a truth I hold to be close to reality: We are facing dire times, either we change and reverse, and move forward or we face the consequence of our own apathy and ill-education. “There will be murder on the streets,” I said.

I am going to keep it honest here: Although I was affected by the murder of Jo Cox, upset for her family, I nevertheless found myself a little stoney hearted. Not just a quirky thing. Not because I am some political psychopath, a Stalin, or Tony Blair, but because I was expecting: How emotionally ill can one become for something they were ready for, they expect?

The calamity of such written shit like the Sun “newspaper” or the daily fail is telling of the political ambient of England. The lower-classes, working-class, working poor, the poor, are larger-ly convinced of a foreign menace out to get them, rape their women and take over the nation which has already been taken over, occupied, by the authoritarian forces of corporations and big businesses. Their ideology: Neo-liberalism.

How fitting, the big businesses are all in defence of some right-wing ideology, a no-brain required form of thinking that defines our problems as problems of other nationalities. “We will be so much better off without the Eu, the Polish”. So, our dire situation is not due to the right-wing ideoloques and their justification of the current system, but because of other nationalities who also suffer from it?

The un-educated are suffering, lied to; the “educated” are apathetic and egotistic and, let’s be honest, ignorant.

The Nazification of England is real, not some fantasy. Last night, I read an article detailing a new hipster abomination: Hipster safaris. That’s right, the so called educated, artistic (drawing a picture of superman having sex with batman on gentrified walls is not art), so called, go on council estates and play games, while telling the kids, residents, that they are not allowed to play. My question to you: If the so called educated classes are in-humane enough to take part in such activity, what about the ill-educated class?

Well, one is told their privilege is not in the expense of others. The other is told that their nation is being taken over by some outside force. Our political debate revolves within these idiocies, both pathologies and recipes for mental illness.

Years of this, and years of purposeful dumbing down of the nation (Read the ‘intellectual history of the British working-class, by Jonathan Ross) will, along with the reducing buying power, increasing poverty, increasing authoritarianism, increasing opposition, lead to a dish of inevitable violence. Of course, bullied, oppressed, repressed, ill-educated people, propagandised by violent rhetoric, will, eventually, commit the act of murder, or some other form of violence, for they believe they have no voice, as told to them by extremist defender of the system – who has also crushed them, left ‘em hopeless. It is true, they have no voice, not because the leftist party (which does not exist, not even in labour) wants to give their money away to transgendered Polish communists, simply due to the direct marketization of our media, our lives and intolerance of any real opposition, violent suppression of it, in fact. Trust a newspaper to defend the interests of the public when they are indulged in the interest of what they are – corporations – the interests of which clash with ours, thus a control of opinion and victim-blaming is required to prolong their gravy-train.

If we do not un-dress underlying problems, increase real opposition, increase non-conformity, we have to get ready for more Jo Foxs, even more obnoxious speeches.

Am I optimistic that all will change ? No.

Jo Fox represented a hope, not hate campaign. Are we surprised of her angry murder, committed by the oppressed, ill-educated, those who must watch ‘hipster safaris’ in their council estates, or the complete de-humanisation of their existence, and their racially charged persona ? If you are in anyway in shock, you are not paying attention – and your shock and ore is, de facto, ill-grounded

May you rest in peace, Jo Fox.


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