Brexit ? Bremain ? Or go fuck yourself ?

Failed revolutions cause fascism. Tonight perhaps England is taking its first step to recognising fascistic ideas as legitimate. To reach a point of such is a recognition of all that grounded people fear: A growing xenophobia, published as important oppinion.

Iam not going to defend the EU; it has been nothing but a purge full of Neo-liberal nonsense, stupidity and, de facto, racism. Euro-centrists have certainly loved the EU; the Euro-Nazis hate it.

No commentary reflected upon the fatalist austerity policies of the EU. Boris Johnson (our national clown) is a big proponent of the very Euro-group policies that destroy the live’s of the British working-class, whom they convince it is the fault of “immigrants”; you know, they take our jobs and all that. And here is a new word: Euro-Group (EG). No, not the European Union, the elected officials. The EG is a group of parasite financiers; they have the say in what governments do economically. Surprise, folks, EG represents the right-wing shift in British politics. But who cares about the most important thing about the European-Union.

Younis Varrifakis, not a radical, provides information on the inner-workings of this gang:

“Most people believe that the answer is: the Eurogroup. Indeed, it is in the Eurogroup where the crucial decisions are reached on which the present and future of Europe depend. Except that the Eurogroup does not exist in European law!1 Without written rules, or legal process, the Eurogroup makes important decisions that are subsequently rubber-stamped, without any serious debate, at the EU’s Economic and Financial Affairs Council (Ecofin).”

Thus, the EG is in no way rejected when, if Britain decides to leave the EU. And what does it matter… The right-wing love those policies and want more of it.

What I think scares the right-wing is based on these few factors: Firstly, European peoples are actually resisting these policies. I am aware that you are probably not aware of the massive protests taking place in France, mainly    in    Paris; police are unable to stop it. And, no, it is no “shame on you”, contemporary, x-factor Britain type resistance; it involves beating cops, throwing stuff back at them, occupying buildings… you know, entertaining stuff… Of    course, our elites    would     hate     us for taking ideas from our European counter-parts — it is best for them to distance us from such solidarity, understanding that we   are    all    going through the same thing.

The ultra-right are just plain politically dumb: Cameron, if he has half a brain, and Corbyn, are completely aware of the lack of blame they can throw at others if we leave the EU. The elite blame game will significantly reduce and the Harry Potter educated journalists will struggle to write idiotic view points (missing out large chunks of facts, truth and reality) to be able to join pathetic after-work parties with the upper-classes. EU human right’s laws will no longer protect the idiocy of mainstream politics. “EU prevents UK from making immigration policies”.

Thirdly, certain laws and legislation prevent governments (in Britain’s case, questions) from ‘going too far’. For a few years the Conservative government has been ranting about the European Human right’s law; I suspect, the reason why it still remains is due to its political share price: It is is available to be rinsed over the dirty racists among some sectors of the public. Human right’s laws can protect immigrants and dissenters… the right-wing obviously dislike such notions.

In conclusion: There is nothing the general public can gain from leaving the EU. Brexit or Bremain, people will suffer the same, except travel and work will be restricted and the racist blood will be toxified once more and we will move a step-closer to fascism. I have not heard one un  –  racist Brexit opinion – or anything from left to right criticising what is actually bad about the EU. Keep EU’s economic policies, while blaming the immigrant for it. This is what you get when you have a dumbed-down-Thatcherite population. Have fun pretending your voice actually means something.


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