Tangerine: A movie review

As far as independent movies go, a lack of marketing and budget bundles projects into less popular forms of art. Tangerine, quirky and considerate, can arguably lay blame on movie market for the lack of attention it receives.

I have got to be honest: I only took the liberty of watching this movie on the count that it featured the live’s of transgendered Americans; I thought it was time I spent time for those live’s I did not know.

Eye opening: The transgender population do not have much other than each-other. Tangerine pays tribute to the reality trans folk end up in. A safe portrayal of the streets; the hypocrisy of straight male dominated society… the lack of understanding among those whom are not trans or have never had — claimed the liberty of showing closeness to one… or two.

The truth is, most transgendered folk find refuge only in the sex industry. The market is terribly defensive against employing, taking seriously the trans population. Other LGBT people, still under tremendous oppression, pursued a well fought-out future and emigrated to certain industries welcoming of them. I claim it is still hard for Transgendered people, even more so for the rest of the LGBT community.

Sindee is a girl just out of prison. A transgendered    human    took the fall for her pimp and boyfriend after the cops searched ’em for drugs. If she has the rock, it is for personal use; the pimp, well, the cops will interpret that as intend to distribute. 

We watch Sindee on her first day out of prison, looking for the fish (a female) who slept with her boyfriend, the pimp, while she went through 28 days of prison. Razkim, an Armenian cab driver, occasionally buys service (sexually) off transgendered prostitutes. His mother in-law is suspicious and attempts to follow him, verbally annoying her daughter, his wife. They have a small daughter and a dog. It is Christmas eve and Razkim leaves the Christmas table for another quest in the trans world.

Directed by Sean Baker, Tangerine, during the Sundance film festival, was revealed to have been shot using three I-phone 5s; impressive. Let’s keep phrases like Zesty, edgy or raw aside; one carefully watch this movie at a distance, and try and understand the daily live’s of a drug-ridden, trans-gendered prostitute in the streets of LA. Tangerine is not some absurd practice, a claim into the ‘different’; it focuses primarily on the live’s of real human beings… often cast a-side as freaks, less than us, deserving of the calamity’s life uniquely presents them with.




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