Movie Review: ‘Who am I.’

Edward Snowden, Wikileaks, reasons to a hail of angry attacks on hackers. ‘Hacksters’ can be categorised into three: Those in support of intelligence services, against them and opportunists. The three overlap often; all categories yearn to be noticed.

Benjamin is a weirdo hacker from Germany – a  computer wiz. He joins a group of hackers that want recognition from the superstars of hacking. Starting small, the group washes into the sea of hacking important institutions. An important financial institution is hacked and pages after pages of Benjamin’s group insignia flows through the night and into the morning when all employees begin their work-day.

Recognition among hackers grow, but one man dismisses them: MRX, the master hacker.Benjamin, who lost his parents, supported by his grandmother, attaches his life to his new tribe, following his Grand-mother’s Alzheimer’s break-down. Their goal of recognition from the best turns the tide; they no-longer are safe from the authorities – or even other hackers.

A boring and quiet life loudens with a barrage of back to back mis-haps and mistakes. The cops, Russian agents and hackers are after them.Their recognition is quashed when faced with multiple adversaries.

Director Baran bo Odar’s hackers socially engineer an escape, one to fit any quirky ending. The loner finds his niche in life.

Sometimes funny, always exciting, the crew take the audience into a hidden, ever present world.




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