Turkey’s coup. And What the fuck are they talking about ?

Turkey’s equivalent to “make America great again” is, “Gulen did it”. Calm… I am in no way defending that psychopath, Gulen and his weird cult. I am a leftist (glad that I can say this without getting any boos or ridiculous accusations). Now that we – leftists – are not the biggest traitors in the world, I take this Christmas in July gift to purge reality onto this screen.

Gully found power   within   the   state   when    Erdogan     accused the army of staging a ‘e-coup’. Abdullah Gul’s (AKP), then president, views were published on the army website; he said some silly, anti-secular nonsense in his previous life as barely a human being. I actually do not dis-like A.Gul; for me, he was the calmest and smartest of the bunch. Let’s move on. Erdogan, then prime-minister (yes, Turkey elects a president and prime-minister – go figure), collaborated with the ‘cemaat’, Gulen’s minions, to take over the army and police. Cops and soldiers were forced through the ranks, to the top, in an effort to    purge     all    “opposition”. 2007.

A fake conspiracy is designed to jail the opposition soldiers, cops and journalists: Yes ! These “opposition” people were criminals, murderers. However, the trials took refuge, not in murder, but in a conspiratorial effort to overthrow the government: The Ergenekon trials. Apparently, these kids ganged up, called themselves ‘ergenekon’, and planned to overthrow the government because – boredom…basically. Obviously, the evidence was faked and most of ‘em made bail.

December 2011: The cops find information leading to entrails of stolen money, by Erdogan and boys. The tiny instances of annoyance directed at Gulen, grew – evolved into an all out mission of hatred, filled with conspiracies. Following the arrests, leaked phone calls and documents, Erdogan and minions arrested, demoted all officers and judges involved in revealing the scandal; the parallel state was born.

A media frenzy since 2011: “the parallel state did this…,” take your pick: Skyscrapers   of   files   reached   the   courts, all claiming some conspiracy by the parallel state, Gulen’s boys, you know, the guys Erdogan begged to put in power in 2007… And, of course, after a while, courts quit taking any notice of these claims and files: They found all cases to be gibberish, for they blamed the cemaat for everything, excluding what they could actually be charged for: Everything they did in collaboration with the AKP government. “When you lie for too long, nobody will believe any truth you have to say”.

A conspiracy nation: Self-criticism is difficult so, conspiracies are always selling well. Nobody can admit how their nationalism is mis-placed and all those they have been crushing are not “traitors”. Are we too weep for the knee-jerk conspiracy of July 2016 – Gulen did the coup – no. Perhaps he did, but how do we know ? You (the media) took it out your arse, I suggest we place it where it belongs: Back into your butt – shit it out in your own time – as you wish.

AKP is an off-shoot of Erbakan’s welfare party, a man who claims Jews are at fault for everything. De facto, his work made claims to Mossad conspiracies within the AKP party. If his life extended a little further, it is not far-fetched to assume Erbakan claims to accusing himself of working for Mossad. It is safe: They cannot live without conspiracy.

None of us know who committed the horrendous act on July 15th, 2016. And, does it really matter for Erdogan? No. The perpetrators   are   of    no    interest to power that has its own interests to cook. Opportunity with all the love possible: Just blame it on Gulen, not as if the media will shift its singular noise. In Post-haste, even before the coup ended, it was all Gulen’s fault.

Conspiracies are flying around: Gulen’s been “secretly” leaking into the state, in an effort to take it over, in stealth. This is if we assume Gulen received re-constructive surgery and took Erdogan’s place in 2007, after he killed Erdogan; then, Erdogan came back from the dead to take his “country back from the parallel”.

Now that the above is proven through rigorous repetition, the government has a free-run arresting anyone it wants, following the establishment of Marshall law. Turkey has successfully resisted the coup with a coup, to purge the “stealth” people it put into power to get rid of another conspiracy in 2007.

Gulen did 9/11.




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