Movie review: Me, Earl and the dying girl.


Greg, a self loathing high-school reject (Student), chooses to remain invisible. He has divided his school into nations – the jocks, goths, nerds; like a crafty diplomat, this loner manages to keep a serene relationship with all nations, rendering his existence detached and tactful. He spends lunch in the history teacher’s room, with Earl.

A girl from the “weird Jewish girls sub 2a nation”, Rachel, develops an illness. Greg’s mother forces his “handsome” son to be-friend ‘the Jewish girl’ during her devastating ordeal. His humility stretches to a volcanic point: Rachel is informed that Greg is doing this because his ‘mother forced him’. To a point, it is true, he was un-willing – not for any lazy, un-caring or selfish reason; he is a self-hater, refers to himself as ugly and has never granted the word friendship to identify an acquaintance, including his “co-worker” since kindergarten, Earl. Therefore can never be ‘a decent-person’.

Earl and Greg are a bond of a rare-breed; Greg’s a-social father’s classical European movies draw the two and Earl’s frequent visits turn into a fusion: Watching the Euro-trash -classics; eating the father’s strange, exotic food; recreating the movies.

Up until Rachel’s diagnoses, the “co-workers’ re-create and curate 42 movies and now, the hottest girl in school bugging Greg for it, they attempt to make a movie for Rachel.

Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, me, Earl and the dying girl sketches the social dynamic of three very different people. A dying girl’s laughter originates from the Greg’s imaginative sense of humour; Ear joins to form an existential triangle, spewing new life into a developing nexus.

The picture is not about the 42 movies, not about the dying girl or Earl – it is not even about Greg’s self-hatred; it is a fusion of many things, an unravelling of lives and the treacherous form life’s mysteries, our psychology, environment reveals itself in the darkest – and sometimes the most hopeless of times.


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