Veganism and ethics

I have seen many who claim, it is ok for the Vegan movement to include fascists, alt-right, racists, homophobes or other un-desirables, for, they claim, “it is for the animals and we should not confuse it with human ‘issues’, as it ‘divides’ the movement.” This view is wrong on so many levels.
Firstly, veganism is not an ethical value in itself; it is a movement born out of perspective ethics: Killing, torturing, owning a sentient being is wrong, unnecessary. If we hold any view opposing the very fundament of veganism (the ethical basis), we then have no argument and will be, rightfully, labelled ‘hypocrites’.
We speak for animals because they are not moral agents. Nobody can ask anyone to speak for humans lacking in moral agency – the mentally ill, physically disabled ect – or are not privileged enough to posses the space to act as a moral agent – refugees, the starving poor; but tolerating – and sometimes entertaining – views that oppose basic ethics and the basis of our ‘movement’ will diminish our legitimacy as moral agents, for we will be accepting the oppression for those, one way or another, unable to speak for themselves.
Moreover, the vegan movement, like all moves to better society, is not, never will be ‘unified’. So, the argument in favour of ‘unification’ by abolishing ethical principles is, not only wrong, but an old mindset, destined for nothing but failure and dis-honest: It abandons the fundamental nature of the ‘good’ that is supposedly intentioned for a fantasy that can never be fulfilled; of course, the ethical scaffolding has disappeared.
Furthermore, the context in which the vegan movement currently breaths life, is within a capitalist, militarist, racist time and space. A movement cannot fight a specific symptom without attacking the viruses that cause the terrible pain of animal torture. The system is responsible for the ecological disaster and torture of animals; but not just this: It is also the lawyer – defender of those who engage in all this. It is the cops who beat you down when you protest against it all; the secret service go undercover to destroy and expose the inner-workings of an ecological movement; Some vegan activists in America, for instance, have been diagnosed with the obscure illness: Terrorist. The state is the power centre of all capitalist institutions and industries – things are not ‘separate’ and as distinct as most assume. Speciesm is wrong because racism is wrong; racism is wrong because speciesm is wrong: They are both wrong because, ethically, discrimination against a sentient being is wrong. A racist system is the same one that causes and/or defends the speciest one. So, we cannot accept the suffering of one over the other – and must, as much as we can, reference the route cause of what our movement wants to eliminate, namely capitalism. Therefore, having those who defend a particular aspect, institution or value that resembles approaches that oppose our ethical stance – the meat industry, anti-vegan activism – in our movement will be damaging.
Now, we are not individual “amnesty internationals,” we cannot attend to everyone – or every-things need. Our minds cannot absorb all misery. But we can keep those who wish misery – and intend – on other beings, especially ones we share DNA with, away from our ‘movement(s)’: We must keep our ethical consistency, and virtues of compassions and empathy – and the intelligence to understand the connection shared by all suffering.


One thought on “Veganism and ethics

  1. I really like this one. This comes up so often in so-called ‘militant’ vegan circles, where people are screaming hateful things about, “Fuck humans, they should all die” and then expecting those humans to listen to them decry the abuse and lack of respect for non-human animals. It is indeed a complete inconsistency of morality and ethics, and is unlikely to appeal to most (if not all) of the intended audience.

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