Why I care less

The sorrow has been evaded or I have diverged to a new destination – indifference, perhaps. Fascination with saving the world – a tool for morbid occupation with grandiose ideas. I remember day-dreaming about being the principle barer of peace amid a war: A megaphone in my grasp, I would exclaim: “Stop, you are not designed to kill each-other for brutes that care nothing for you.” The last time this image passed through my consciousness I was eight and until its final ingress, the image gradually declined in vividness – the sounds, vapid. I am not going to venture to save the earth or the species from its eventual demise. I am inert to the point of being inept in this humanity business.

Altruism is the thief of hearts, the renderer of nonsense onto our moral understanding and discourse in ethics. Everyone is in delirium about it: The Youtuber consternates when his/her channel is not flooded with admiration about his/her kind heart: “How I housed a homeless man”; “A cop buys shoes for a poor kid”, etc. An affable face of declining media discourse and capitalism, the cop who defends the brutal system against its victims, have riveted their understanding of life to a false sense of morality… the bona fide audience rests intellect for easy, quick, simple emotional solutions to the problem: Charity of the lowest form. Here, the sage of revolution or change, may already be dis-heartened and join the cynics.

The liberal confuses, solemnly, the Nazi treatment of Jews with the revolutionary reaction against Nazis. “We must give them a platform to speak.” So they are elected thanks to skewed notions of change and false altruism that strokes the backs of the rising idiots class: a group of people, the new generation, that can imagine zombie apocalypse but is too imprudent to forsee a better world – a future without zombies and a post-nuclear war landscape. Yes! The worthless, valueless millennial even sees himself, only himself, herself, in the destruction of our species and collapse of civilisation. But one must not worry, for they have liked the altruism of others and the good people.

The revolutionary is confused, the peace is hastening further… Where do we begin with the so easily offended crowd; savage beings with not an iota of self-existence, but a meager dew from the waterfall of superfluous unity… They are unified under the gains lazily ascribed to liberalism. The millennial, his beard touching his toes, her hair a different dye from last week, Starbucks coffee half full, quirky nickname scribble on the plastic cup, perceives itself a constituent part of humanitarian apex, for the LGBT community may fuck in peace, women now have jobs and, of course, these are all naturally evolutions of ‘time’ and not the result of deep, violent struggles of men and women… the liberal millennial revels in the profits gained by the struggles of people who struggled for the very system they claim brought us these rights… And, never-mind the declining life of poor, single women or the farmers forced to pick the coffee beans; let’s us not discuss the LGBT muslim’s life under the millennial hero’s ally, the Saudia Royal family. Their only defence is the other-side.

Of course one requires the inferiority of the other to re-assert oneself. Yes! Trump and his supporters are emblematic of the anti-matter of this amazing merger of change and time… “Ah, Trump is racist, I hate him,” he will say. “Not every muslim is bad,” he will cry. But never will he, she, ever think of his or her own nation’s crimes that resulted in the formation of these Islamic ‘terrorists’; nor will it occur to them – perhaps their own soldiers are terrorists… “Not all cops are bad,” they will say, while the baton incessantly punctures the skin of many, filling the streets with the blood of the honourable. Oh! It is the bad cop, the KKK office, the trump-supporting minority in the department that makes the rest look bad… Of course it is not the racist, sexist, classist laws, the slavery of the prison industrial complex – the totem of the profane existence of racism… no, no, just a few baddies. The discourse oscillates between the fool and the racist; the rest of us are dismissed because a man name Stalin killed 90 trillion people and therefore we must be wrong before we even speak or think.

It is late, the screen is way too bright, I am tired, tomorrow is a new day and I do not care enough to elaborate. So, I will day-dream about a lover, a friend or the next book I will read or, maybe I’ll foray into the world of wine and list the brand that’ll accompany me while I stare down at the burning world in silence – Placid. Keep your increasing abhorrent ideas of humanity to yourself.


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