Punching Nazis: Fuck-off, liberals

A spectre is haunting the world: The spectre of battered Nazis. For the brooding liberal, of course. Contemporary liberals make one swoon over idiocies spewed from every orifice: “Beating down a Nazi makes you a Nazi.” The pathetic liberal foray into politics is a venture best averted: It is of no use to the prudent mind to dwell in the morass liberal understanding of reality.

It must be easy; mind opaque with obtuse thoughts, while attention is limited to merely accepting as your reality, experience, as the objective reality of all, side-lining the suffering of others: Blacks, first nations, the poor, conscious women and the rest of us: The Nazi does not pose a threat for the white liberal; he/she is not their end game.

Of course “violence” that interrupts their “safe” cinnamon latte parlours (Starbucks) and “organic beef” burger embed convocations, is an “inconvenience” for them. Surely, the election of a war-mongering swine – a prospect any sane person would prefer over Mr.Orange – would suffice to quell any dissenting beat in the liberals heart – assuming they have one or two. Insofar the liberal can feel save pretending to be the culmination of “progressive thinking”, in their pretentious amenities, via the election of a liberal plated moderate Republican, Clinton, the liberal is fine: In fact, I claim, the Liberal is merely upset that Trump is now emblematic of his nation; his foreign liberal buds may vilify yankee-ism, which may perturb him; blemish his vanity.

The Nazi will be punched: FDR sent the whole army to bomb the Nazis into oblivion  – the man who symbolises the best of the Liberal democrats; yet, your own nation, embedded with ignorance a kind never seen, dictated by crypto and Neo-Nazis, and you, the liberal, are concerned for the welfare of the likes of Richard Spencer, who was punched and others who will be punched? Please, don’t make use vomit sideways.

Violence is the only skill worth sharpening to combat and quell Nazism; the whole ideology is war; as its core it radiates with notions of ethnic cleansing, prudery, dictatorship, war and genocide.

Ergo, liberal, fuck-you.


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