The referendum is an ornament to AKP and Erdogan’s demise; not a consolidation

Another ‘vote’ marred with lies, cheating and injustice. The sultan, a reality only in his mind, is ice-cold, his people hate him – he knows it. The elated party capers, but they – we all know a gloom fuels it, something else is hidden inside – Turkey hates its leader: The people refuse to endure him, his lies, ego, fraud and polarisation; Black sea’s grandma broods leaning on the only tree standing – its brethrens massacred for a gratuitous Autobann. Resorting to stealing votes, on a scale unmatched in Turkey’s history, forms new loops in his mind. He knows he cannot win without fraudulence and a clandestine ambience perpetuating itself for his interests. He is over.

The media, the vestiges steal resisting dominance, is pouring out a deluge of scandals surrounding the referendum. Post vote, we were informed, and Turkey’s electoral committee/department, YSK, admitted, 2.5 million unsealed ballots were accepted – illegally – and (surprise!) all turned out to be yes! votes. Anadolu News agency, an Erdogan lacky, reported a 60% lead within an hour of the vote’s cessation; our social media news feeds cascaded with disconcerting videos of AKP exponents – idiots – stamping the ‘yes’ option on unsealed ballots; ping! injects adrenaline into my nervous system… I reach for my I-phone: “100.000 votes are reported to be ‘dogdy'”.

A pang untangles my jarring nerves. It is they who should be worried, angry and perturbed. States resources, all of it, poured into a ‘yes campaign,’ against – yes, against! – a public so misinformed, yet only direct electoral fraud saved them; fixing numbers, falsifying post-referendum figures, information, solidifies a fleeting power grasp; his claws are fraying. Erdogan climbs a precipice riveted in to a sinkhole. Each injustice, married to a lie, forces him further down; he has reached the plateau once resting with clouds, but now he can see the bottom, in focus – he sinks.

Links to the facts of this referendum and conspicuous fraud (Note: Sorry it is in Turkish… but  all those who can follow, or any who have friends from Turkey, understand Turkish, I recommend following this new-site, unrelenting courage and bravery permeates):



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