What is wrong with accusing right-wingers with being detached from reality

A new pet-peeve penetrates my heart again: “tories are detached from reality”. The reality, of course, they are exponents of. Neo-liberalism and Toryism fashioned this contrived reality, for the brazen oligarchy of today. They are not detached. We all can see council buildings are imbued in safety issues; Tories prognosticated the exact ramifications their policies will manifest; they jog passed homeless people, too, as we do – but we drop a few coins – this does not privelege us with reality, deprive them: And, indeed, the poor rammage for a snicker inside food-banks, young women brood on street corners: Let’s not give feigned ignorance the pleasure of excuse: This is class-war, not detachment. This reality is their curation!


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