Diary entry in Turkey

Anything can precipitate an angry backlash. I am tired of using “a”, “an”, “the” this and that too. Besides other symptoms of lazy writing, my passion, love for witherings has dwindled. The call for prayer catupultes  my nerves into rationlity, again. One perhaps requires the stupidity, irrationality, idiocy religion secretes from its every orifice to remain rational as an enemy to this tumultuous mind fuck business. It 2017, you fuck-face: Everyone has a watch, a phone or some other hideous thing to tell them the time; yes, they will check how far they are in a day of fucking and being fucked while laying the blame on those who are innocent or inferior to them, also being blamed. Ergo, cunt, everyone is aware of the time of prayer. The de facto nerds of yours, in fact, hurtle towards God’s den, the mosque, prior to the call to prayer. Idiot, just quit calling. Your Islamic fools are turning up tbhe volume on the loud speakers, it is limpid to us all, within more secular demographics, to trigger the nerves of those deemed less-religious: if a reaction is precipitated thus, the religious can feign proscecution once again.

These idiots will beat you down everyday, then hone in on you because “you pinched them back”. God repel you are educated, a communist etc. – they will make mourning over this pinch requisite to citizenship and a democratic right. Every policy will be stained with rhetoric about this minor reaction. “You pinched us, ergo we have the right to tax alcohol”. So much is the schizophrenia of the religious. But, as I have scribbled above, they remind me to be rationale. In the fog of mental and ethical imitation, fakery – ersatz – the man who knows he is bad, that the world is wrong, that religion cannot emancipate us, at least in the form it has been contorted – an effortlessly contorted toy – is king.


One thought on “Diary entry in Turkey

  1. I really enjoy the process of following your thinking!! Or trying to, anyway. Your experiences and observations and conclusions are so different than mine, or anyone else’s I know. I’m glad you’ve started this blog:)

    (I put down my blog web address but I’m not sure it’s even live yet. Haven’t posted anything yet;)

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