Woman in my mind; she is in my dream.

My dream wakes me in to my life; the women in my mind returns in form of a dream.

Liberated from my dream, she is in my mind. My mind is on the woman in my dream.

Never leaves my mind – she needs to leave my mind, make my dream my life.

She needs to be in my life; on my mind.


Like the wind

Physically invisible,
mentally incurable,
Fiercly unstable,
I’m like the wind.

Mountains are in my way,
Skyscrapers disturb my stay,
I roam freely at bay,
I’m like the wind.

I slip endlessly into emptiness,
My existence is meaningless,
My destinations are aimless,
I’m like the wind.

For hatred it has sympathy,
In riches it lives simply,
It travels as if with a symphony,
I need to be more like the wind.



The world is full of authority and hierarchy of various colors, but of similar kinds. My mind does not recognize these structures and actively denies them; furthermore, the neurological make-up of my mind is ca-parable of replacing these structures with it’s own. Just like any civilized Frenchmen, The mind has overthrown the authoritarian impulses, previously injected by others. The reality of the world does go unchanged and my mind does Knowledge’s this, but it chooses not to live in it. See, my mind is it’s own republican Anarchist society. The police sirens get replaced with Beethoven; the voice of my boss is replaced by the voice of Morgan freeman reading a poem; and Justin Bieber gets replaced with, well, police sirens – (sirens are more bareble). The mind realizes that not- taking authority seriously is the most revolutionary act out there. No kings, No corporations, no judgement, no police.

Life is removed from real feeling;
real feeling is perceived to be weakness,
weakness is accepted as “feeling”,

that feeling is misunderstood as real.

The gloom, the darkness it puts you in, is something to be afraid of at times. But at times it is enjoyable, it gives one the feeling that they’re indeed alive. The meaning of light becomes more apparent,but less apt. Darkness becomes your friend, Your journey, buddy, it follows you everywhere and never leaves you alone. At least it doesn’t judge you, repress you or, tell you “your worthless”.

The sincerity of it, is actually astonishing, the truth just stares you in the face as if to say, “despair now, feel this pain now” but, do we need to listen to it ?. Indeed we do, we must live it to. Melancholy is the honest friend that accompanies us through the path of truth, we can turn to it whenever we’re in despair due to an situation, or lack of a situation. The reasons for our “anguish” can be found on our journey towards Melancholy. It’s that journey that is filled with pits stops that are covered with the “truths” of the darkest parts of our soul. Melancholy is our condition, our destination, but doesn’t have to the “final one”.


We think, we solve, we destroy, we revolve,

We kill, we create, we love, we hate,

We do, we don’t, we give in, we front,

We love, we cherish, we are aware……

we will perish.


The Devil

Sinner without a cause; they say,

One person that needed for them to pray,

he is rejected merely as a opposer,

Nobody listened to a thing he said,

Yahweh you’re the real murderer,

he is not evil because he is your opposer,

if you lived today you will be like hitler,

Promising unity with racism,

creating devils that install fear into people,

To the end of preventing the devils being listened to,

do not color him with fire and evil,

he is not that way because he exposed your evil,



We fight to kill,

We fight to save,

We fight to live,

We fight to die,

We fight for calm,

We fight for chaos,

We fight for love,

We fight for hate,

We fight for religion,

We fight for riches,

We fight for poverty,

We fight to end,

We fight to begin,

We fight to lose,

We fight to win,

We fight to sleep,

We fight to wake up,

We fight for work,

We fight for a break,

We never fight ourselves; to never fight again !


The darkness of my soul,

Reflected, in the darkness of my room,

So I’m told,

Out the window; I don’t see the outside,

All it reflects is the inside.


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